We are Acacia Technology & Management, Inc., built on the foundation of over 28 years of developing, licensing, and supporting custom Risk Management Information software. And with that experience we’ve learned that these times demand change and a new way of doing business. So we’re taking Risk Management Information software in a new direction. That means talking straight, doing right and being obviously better for our clients.

Our Mission 

We’re a company that values integrity as much as profits;  a company that will always be open, accountable, and honest.   We won’t deal in half-truths, or truths buried in fine print. That’s because we don’t have anything to hide.

Put simply, we continue to identify the weak points of traditional Risk Management Information software and improve them. Consider our customization service. We think it's reasonable that a Risk Management Information software client should be able to use tthe software that does things the way the client wants them done.

Doing Right 

That means no hidden surprise fees, and no one-size-fits-all software. It means developing new products customized to fit the client's exact needs that give you more options. And it means having costs that are always among the most competitive in the country.

Why Are Our Fees So Reasonable? 

Our focus is on minimum cost and maximum productivity. We keep it simple and provide just the features and functionality that you request. We're an online Company, so it costs us less to operate. And we are able to pass these savings on to you in the form of a lower cost. We also have a strong technical asset based business that puts your ideas to work efficiently.